72nd Annual Instrumentation and Automation Symposium
for the Process Industries
January 2017


Abstracts are due by May 30, 2016

Upload abstracts online 

Praise for the Symposium

“Within the first hour of the Symposium we were able to make contact with a key person from a major oil & gas company we wanted to meet for a longer time to discuss opportunities. Further important disussions followed. We were also able to demonstrate our safety expertise and engaged in many valuable discussions during the 3 days. This demonstrates the tremendous power of the networking aspect of this Symposium. Getting to meet the right people, decision makers, in an efficient way. Thanks for this well-organized symposium and we are looking forward to the 70th show!”

– Jim Nudo, Business Development Manager, HIMA Americas Inc. – Houston, TX USA


For more information, please contact Amarette Renieri at 979-458-1863 or arenieri@tamu.edu